WAVE 2012 – Day 14: Amsterdam

Amsterdam, I love you!
I already loved you as teenager but since the 23rd of September 2012 I have besides my personal liking still another reason: Gratefulness and the feeling about a common heartbeat on an apparently similar spot: The people from Amsterdam seem to adore the TWIKE as much as I do.

After yesterday’s disgrace of screwing up points during the picture competition I lost all my hope for the victory. In Amsterdam the last possibility of gaining more points includes: Score of three school visits where the kids were able to express their opinions and impressions about the participating electrical vehicles after their sympathies and popularities by giving points between 0 and 10. The last chance to get important points was the design competition performed in Amsterdam. I didn’t doubt at all the good chances of our two participating TWIKEs but the tied Tesla from Austria usually gets a positive rating by kids as well.

Finally, we received one design point more than Tesla which resulted in standing both of us, TWIKE and Tesla, on the podium. By the way, the members of the tesla team are really nice people as well as the judging panel of Amsterdam. I already did now before that our neighbors from the Netherlands have an extremely good sense for aesthetics.

The trophies for the first and second place received after 13 days full of troubles, deprivations and of course also full of pleasure the two participating TWIKEs. I don’t want to miss to thank all members of our team and TWIKE pilots since our success was built on their shoulders.

Wolfgang Möscheid, Alf Borrmann, Silvia Brutschin and Klaus Danne exchanged their own TWIKE during the two weeks for a competition vehicle provided by FINE. TWIKE Fan Jutta Seidel realized herself a different manner of spending her vacation. She chose a five day electro mobility vacation and accompanied our team on the last meters until the trophy.

Thanks to all of you. I have spent a wonderful time with you and enjoyed every km driven by TWIKE.

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