WAVE 2013: We’re on our way – The race is on!


No turning back now… we have left England on the French vessel “Rodin” heading south towards Calais. Our friends from Team Green Motor Sport have embarqued on the P&O ship “Pride of Canterbury” which is on the same course, about two cable lengths ahead on the port side. Let’s see who wins this first (un-official) stage! We might have the advantage, being on a French Ship going into a French harbour.
My nervousness is slowly receding, we are on holiday now. Anything that we might have forgotten we can buy on the way, the mobile phone is off, two and a half weeks with no stress apart from stress we create for ourselves. And I don’t plan to do much of that!
Today we will drive south through France towards Luxemburg or the Lorraine region. When we find an interesting spot, we will stop for the night, camping or hotel, depending on the weather. We are traveling light, as usual. A couple of bags, the camping gear, my uke, a rucksack with electronic bits… that’s it. It just fills the boot of the car. With the camping gear staying behind we should have no problem fitting it all into the TWIKE.
Half an hour later and the “Pride of Canterbury” is steaming into Calais harbour just ahead of us. Looks like the french captain is a gentleman. Oh well, it’s a holiday, no need to hurry. Soon we’ll be driving south. Let’s hope the clouds stay north.

2 thoughts on “WAVE 2013: We’re on our way – The race is on!

  1. Created my profile so that I can comment were need and when I like. Looking forward to reading more, and hopefully you can get photos and videos on here.

    Drive safely :)