WAVE 2013: Staying in a fortress, walking in the clouds, and waiting for the TWIKE

It is nearly midnight on the day before we will drive our TWIKE from Salzburg to Vienna to the first meeting of this year’s WAVE. The journey so far has already been quite an adventure. Last Sunday, after leaving the ferry in Calais, we drove south  and the weather was constantly getting worse. So we decided to stay in a hotel in the ancient city of Sedan. By sheer luck we ended up in the fortress hotel, which turned out to be a hotel INSIDE the fortress above the city. It was absolutely amazing!

The next day we carried on towards the Black Forest and the small town of Schönau, where we planned to visit the factory of Heinzmann Electric Drive Systems. We stayed at the lovely B&B of Frau Keller who turned out to be one of the best hosts you can imagine. The Solar Revolution has taken firm root in Schönau: you can find huge solar panels on most roofs, even on the roof of the church. After our very interesting visit to Heinzmann and a tour of the factory we decided to play tourists and drove to the highest mountain in the area. We took the ski lift to the top of the “Belchen” and walked once around its top. On one side we had a fantastic view of the Black Forest, the other side was completely in the clouds. Walking inside a cloud… other people would have called it fog, we enjoyed the experience.
Here’s a question for you: when it rains and you are inside the cloud, do you get wet?

Now we are in our hotel in Salzburg, exhausted from the long drive, the sightseeing, and the “Salzburger Nockerln”. Angela is aleady in bed. I am still up, waiting for Wolfgang and Christina who will turn up any moment to bring us our TWIKE. Then the  adventure can start properly…


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