WAVE 2013 – one week to go

Wave 2013 – One Week to go


Thursday, 20th July 2013

One week only…. and so much left to organise! Today we started to work on the blog and learn how to use the software. We… that’s Team TWIKE: Angela and Andreas Schröer from Milton Keynes in the UK. I, Andreas, have been piloting TWIKES since 1998. My first one was TW060. After I moved from Germany to England in 2005, my wife Angela took up driving our TWIKE, now number TW754, on a regular basis as well. We became the importer for TWIKE in the UK, for Heinzmann electric bike retrofit kits, and now also for the fantastic scientific cardboard kits from AstroMedia. We also work part time for the Open University, as a secretary and lecturer for applied maths.
Originally we were planning to go sailing for our holidays as most years, but then Barbara Wilms from TWIKE in Germany asked us if we would like to take part in the WAVE 2013 for them. Having driven TWIKEs over long distances before (even with the old small NiCd batteries) we decided it would be time to have one of these adventures again and said yes!
As usual when you run your own business, customers come first and therefore we are now a bit pressed for time to get all sorted for our trip to the alps. We are going to pick up our TWIKE in Salzburg, kindly provided by the FINE Mobile, on the morning of the 27th of July. Then we will have to hurry to get to Vienna in time for the great opening meeting at the Hotel “Das Wienerwald” in Eichgraben. Let’s hope everything goes to plan.


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