WAVE 2013: Epilogue

The adventure is over, we are on the train from Zürich to Salzburg to pick up our car and drive home. We got up early again as usual, but it’s really weird not to have to consult the road book to check where we have to be and at what time. The mountains are still there outside the train window but they are unreachable, like a movie behind closed windows. Going by train is a very civilised way of travel, but also a very impersonal one. You make no connection with the people or the country, you just observe…. or fall asleep. A very strange feeling after the last 10 days of intense contact and open windows.

Mountains behind windows

At 13:58 we will be in Salzburg to pick up our car from the hotel we stayed in a week and a half ago. Then we’ll hit the Autobahn and make our way towards Calais, which we will have to reach tomorrow afternoon for our ferry home.

It has been a good journey with highs and lows. At the end we will have travelled 5000 km in just over 2 weeks… by car, ship, TWIKE, and train. We have slept in B&Bs, hotels, bunkers, youth hostels, and an electric vehicle workshop. We have made many new friends, some of whom we might never meet again. We have met old friends whom we hadn’t seen in years.

We would like to thank everybody who helped making this journey possible and all the people who helped us on our way. And thank you for taking part by reading our blog!


It was a good journey!


Angela and Andreas

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