WAVE 2013: Day 9 – Baden to Neuhausen

Last night we spent in the very nice Baden youth hostel where we managed to get a room for ourselves, so Angela could rest properly and get a good night’s sleep. In the morning she was feeling much better and was nearly back to her old self. After an early breakfast we packed everything into the TWIKE and left Baden for the centre of Zürich where we were supposed to arrive at 8am for the world record attempt of the largest electric vehicle parade in history. Surprisingly we didn’t see any other electric vehicle until we arrived at our meeting point near the Züri See. Then the CHAOS began… More and more elctric vehicles turned up, it was unbelievable. Such variety! Of course there were lots and lots of TWIKES, probably nearly as many Teslas. There were Ions, iMievs, Amperas, Tazzaris, City-Els, Zoes, Twizzys, and many many more. I even briefly saw a Horlacher 1,  I think. The TWIKEs were all channeled to one side to join the end of the parade, because Louis wasn’t sure whether they would be counted as hybrid vehicles by the Guiness Book officials. We didn’t mind that, it was great to drive in a group of so many TWIKEs. The parade was absolute chaos, the promised free route through the Züri Fäscht was partly blocked by idiots who had extended their stalls onto the road and delivery vans who tried to get in and out to re-stock the many stalls along our route. But after about two hours of stop and go we had made it: a record number of 388 electric vehicles had taken part in the parade and incidentally also in the first electric traffic jam in history!


Electric Vehicle Parade in Zürich

Driving the Parade

The rest of the day was filled with a hunt for stamps at several check points around Zürich, which is supposed to continue tomorrow. A large number of the parade vehicles joined us on this hunt which was really great: for the first time in our lives we could experience how it will be when the density of electric vehicles will finally be larger than the density of “normal” cars. What a great feeling that was! So quiet and relaxed! Wolfgang and Christina had arrived for the parade as well with their world-record TWIKE (511km on one charge) and we joined forces in the hunt for the stamps. At the end of the day we had managed to collect them all, although we arrived in Neuhausen with a two hour delay because of the chaos in the morning. We didn’t mind the extra 5 penalty points…

Wolfgang was proud of his record!

Neuhausen is great! In case you don’t know: the Rhine Falls of Schaffhausen are actually in Neuhausen! So after a dinner of a few limp salad leaves and chips we went for a walk to have a closer look. The falls are quite a sight, maybe not quite as spectacular as Niagara, but still very impressive:


The Rhine Falls of Schaffhausen in Neuhausen

Tonight is going to be the last one of the tour and we are going to spend it in …. you guessed it… another nuclear bunker!

Have a safe night! Till tomorrow


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