WAVE 2013: Day 8 – Romanshorn to Baden

Hello everybody, this is Andreas of Team TWIKE. Today was a day when we had to make a hard decision. Actually once we realised that the decision had to be made, the outcome was clear: we had to pull out of all parts of the competition today!

We are still part of the WAVE 2013, we still try to drive all routes, but we will not push ourselves to win anything. Before you start worrying or ask yourselves what is going on, here in short what happened today. It actually started yesterday when we discovered that there was no vegetarian food available for dinner. We then made the mistake of accepting a meal of three small spring rolls and a small salad as a substitute for a proper dinner (instead of going for a proper meal in a restaurant). This morning there was no proper breakfast, just some (good) coffee and a sad, lonely croissant left when we turned up at our first stop at EMPA in St. Gallen. So at that point we were desperately hoping for a proper lunch at our charging stop in Gossau, we hadn’t had a proper meal for 24 hours. Unfortunately it turned out that our “vegetarian” lunch was going to be a veggie-burger that was grilled in the juice of the meat in the same frying pan. At that point Angela nearly collapsed and I had to decide what to do next. My decision was the following: we went to a proper restaurant to have a decent meal, we were not taking part in any competition today and deliberately took 10 penalty points to make clear (also to ourselves) that we wouldn’t have the chance to win anything anymore. From now on the WAVE would be a holiday again, no stress at all, we won’t have to worry about anything.

Feeling better!

It took Angela the whole day to recover, I am trying to look after her and make things as easy as possible for her. She is much better now and it looks like she will be able to take part in the big electric vehicle parade in Zürich tomorrow. So we will give it a try, see how far we get, but health comes first! It’s great to be a part of this fantastic adventure and we would like to thank all our friends for their help and support today. We’re all a big family!

Andreas and Angela

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