WAVE 2013: Day 7 – Arosa to Romanshorn

Day 7! Has it already been a week? It feels like we barely started!

We are currently parked at the harbour promenade in Rorschach at the Bodensee. Wednesday last week we went past here on the other side of the lake on our way to Salzburg.

When we woke up this morning, the weather was much nicer. The sun was illuminating the mountain tops in the distance and the woods were giving birth to lots of baby clouds. They formed between the trees and then slowly rose into the sky. As long as they stay small they are nice to look at. Later we experienced again, what happens when they turn into teenagers and clump together to plot mischief. But actually most of the time we could escape them and drive in the warm and dry.


Baby clouds seen from our hotel room window

Babybclouds taking off

Today we had completely different challenges to master. It all started off with another attempt at doing the efficiency test. We left the hotel in Arosa fully charged at a quarter to eight, going down the steep mountain road to Chur, and then got onto the motorway to arrive in Trübbach after 60km at 9:15 at the latest. That actually meant, we had to really give it some… no time to dawdle. In Chur we were already a bit late, so we raced down the motorway at a constant 85km/h and just made it in time. Nevertheless, our consumption was only 5.5Ah of the 22.3 we have. That’s the energy equivalent of a small glass of petrol!

Then  everybody got allocated a slot of two minutes in which they had to drive to a certain school in Trübbach, give a talk of exactly one minute to convince the students that their vehicle is the best, and drive off to the next school (in Sevelen) to do the same again…. and again in Gams. Then we had lunch in Sennwald, where the nice people of BRUSA had prepared a meal made from pasta, potatoes, cheese, roasted onions, and apple sauce: great!

Convincing the pupils and teenager clouds on the horizon

Atfter lunch we had to do the “convince-the-students-game” another three times in Oberriet, Eichberg, and Heerbrug, before we finally got to our first and only charging stop here in Rorschach.

Charging stop in Rorschach

Just before we reached Rorschach, we had the shock of our lives. We were going down a fast road towards the town at about 65km/h when someone in a silver family car decided to pull out right in front of us without checking for traffic. I just managed to pull off a proper double-lane-change maneuvre and avoided the oncoming lorry as well, thanks to the excellent new Heidenau tyres (Martin, you were right… they are good!).


Now we are waiting for dinner right on the shore of the beautiful Bodensee, the vehicles are charging, spectators are having a good look and ask lots of questions, the weather is dry and warm but cloudy, and for once I am on time with my blog. Let’s hope I’ll find a connection later to do the upload. We are going to spend the night in a youth hostel in Romanshorn, just up the coastal road from here.

Blogging in Rorschach


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