WAVE 2013: Day 6 – La Punt to Arosa

After having had the safest night in history, today is going to be another great day. We just had breakfast, a short briefing and now we are queuing up at the starting line to go up the Albula Pass to Lenzerheide, one of the most spectacular drives in the Alps. There will be lots of tunnels, hair pin bends, fantastic views, steep inclines… the lot! The start is going to be any minute now, so more later.

Right… we have arrived in the clouds, also called Blatter’s Bellavista Hotel Arosa. We have a room with a view as promised, only the view is of the inside of a cloud. We can now answer the question from a few ays ago: Yes!!! No difference from being UNDER the cloud.

The Albula Pass would have been a great experience if the weather would have been better. But it wasn’t, so we spent a lot of time sitting in our vehicles, parking up in lines and squares, getting out, doing the WAVE in the rain, getting back in, etc, all to get the necessary press pictures taken. When we finally arrived in Lenzerheide for the lunch stop, it had stopped raining and the sun was checking out what was going on with us. Lunch for the vehicles and meat eaters, bread and water (erm, lemonade) for us.

Queueing in the fog

TW1009 in the queue

Then on the way to Arosa it started raining again. Ho hum, now we’re in the dry in a very nice four star hotel. We are clean and warm and I expect there to be an internet connection so I can upload my last three blogs.

Nice hotel! Don’t you think so too?

See you soon, Andreas

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