WAVE 2013: Day 5 – Neukirchen to La Punt

After the highlight of the Großglockner yesterday, today seemed a bit boring. Well actually compared to going around London on the M25 it was still one of the best drives in the world, but it was a long day of just driving and charging through a very nice (but not as breath taking) landscape.

It started off with some confusion because apparently there had been a mud slide over night at the first mountain we had to cross, but it turned out that our road was the one that was still open. It was the same calibre as our first mountain pass two days ago (only two days???), so nothing to worry about anymore. The drive down to Zell am Ziller (short charging stop) was quite spectacular but then on the way to Insbruck the Ziller Valley opened up more and more and we were getting a bit bored. Also the area is famous tourist hot spot and therefore nothing we would normally choose to visit.

The closer we got to Innsbruck, the more trafic and industry there was, and since Innsbruck as just another charging stop for us, we didn’t get much to see of the town either. The world class hotel Hilton was not able to provide us with a vegetarian meal, so we had something nice at a small restaurant next to the charging vehicles on the Landhausplatz.

The next charging stop was Landeck, where we stayed for a short while and had a nice ice cream in the sun. We then carried ontowards the Swiss border and the landscape became more interesting again… as was the weather: it was getting darker anddarker over the mountain tops and just after crossing the border it started tipping it down! So… a quick stop, close the side windows of the roof, jump back in, and off we go again in the thunder storm. Which of course is over within the next minute and we get boiled by the re-emerging sun inside the closed TWIKE.

Since it was only a few kilometres to Sent, our first stop in Switzerland, we dicided to carry on with the windows shut, not knowing that these last kilometres were VERY steep. After this we were extremely thankful for the drinks that we were offeres in this beautiful village.

TW1009 in Sent

La Punt is our stop for the night. We were offered a fantastic meal (loads of vegetarian options) and lots of free drinks, but the highlight is our accomodation: a proper nuclear fallout shelter!!! Not everybody was happy about his choice, but we think it will definitely be an experience and a very safe night for sure.

The entrance to our shelter for the night

One of the three bedrooms


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