WAVE 2013: Day 10 – Neuhausen to Küsnacht

The WAVE 2013 is over and we actually won something! We ended up third in the competition for the best vehicle (judged by over 1000 school children), we got third prize for our blog, and finally we came first in the competition for highest efficiency (lowest energy consumption). It was really nice to win this prize, considering that we actually pedalled 1800km through the alps in 10 days! We probably deserved it…

First place in WAVE 2013 category "most efficient vehicle"

First place in WAVE 2013 category “most efficient vehicle”

The morning was filled with the hunt for the last few stamps, after our “breakfast” was delivered to our accomodation (paper bags with a croissant, a bun, an apple, butter, jam, and a cup with cold latte coffee from the van of the local baker, parked in front of the bunker). The drive was great, relaxed and through a beautiful countryside. The sun was shining, a cooling wind was blowing, the stamp stops were easy to find, and the people there gave us a warm welcome. A special treat was the ferry over the Züri See on the very last leg to Küsnacht.

On the ferry over the Züri See


In Küsnacht we got free drinks, ice cream, and cake… the days of the ubiquitous Bratwurst were finally over! It was a long wait till the end ceremony at 5pm, filled with long talks with new and old friends. Then finally Louis stepped onto the stage and the end of the WAVE 2013 began. I was SO pleased that in the end it were Frank and Frank of Team Phoenix Contact who won first prize. They are fantastic guys and really deserved the win! Congratulations again!!!

The winners: Frank and Frank from Phoenix Contact

Then suddenly it was all over, a few more photographs, hugs, goodbyes, hope-to-see-you-agains, and we were on our way to Thomas Bechtiger’s TWIKE Service in Zürich, where Wolfgang and Christina picked up our trusted TW1009 with their van (Angela had tears in her eyes) and we will spend the last night in Switzerland before catching the train to Salzburg in the morning. Thank you, Thomas!

The proof: we’ve done 2121km in 11 days (we got the TWIKE with 22km)


Our journey is not quite over yet, we still have to drive all the way back to England. But we already know that we will miss being on the road with our TW1009 every day… we would have had no problems carrying on.


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