TWIKE Number 1000

Already since 1995, the first TWIKEs are on the road and to be seen with its pilots all over the country. After 18 years of TWIKE existence, TWIKEs are still the highlight on the roads in meanwhile several countries and continents. And guess what, most of the first ones are still well maintained, loyal, reliable and proudly showed off by their owners.
The TWIKE family is getting bigger and bigger and we felt so much honored in autumn 2012 when we were allowed to build TWIKE No. 1000. Since this historic moment took place on the same time like our successful rallies e-miglia and WAVE, we would like to address now – during the reposeful TWIKE season of the year – once more on the 1000th TWIKE.  Have a look on the great significance of the existence of 1000 TWIKEs.
On the one hand 1000 TWIKEs mean that 1.000 courageous and forward looking people have taken the step to make a – for most people – unusual purchasing decision. At the same time they created their own life a bit more colorful and livable. On the other hand 1000 TWIKEs mean that approximately more than 60.000.000 *km were driven over 18 years. This corresponds to the distance earth-moon by going 75 times forth and backward or driving 1.500 times around the world!

TWIKE 1000 is now a TWIKE TO FLY vehicle at the factory in D-35119 Rosenthal and is anytime ready for trips with people like you.

Come and visit us! Also on the Hannover Fair next week!

Das 1.000ste TWIKE

Das 1000ste TWIKE, hier mit TW 999 und TW 1001 auf dem Hof der Manufaktur in Rosenthal.

* 900 driving vehicles today (450 on average), over 17 years, x8.000km per year => 450x17x8.000 => more than 60 million estimated  kilometers!

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