Apr 13

Newsletter 04-2015: TWIKE Easter Greetings

EnglischDear friends of TWIKE,
TWIKE team Rosenthal wishes you some enjoyable Happy Easter days. Our Easter bunny is pleased to deliver you our updates on current TWIKE news. On our upcoming new website you can not only get some more information about the new TWIKE range record…finally the TWIKE fat tires

600kmEVENT – New TWIKE range record
Already in 1995, we achieved to drive the distance from Rosenthal to Putbus (Rügen) by TWIKE. Indeed, we still had to charge our TWIKE still 14! times for the distance of 613 km. 20 years after, in March 2015, we repeated the same drive again. Result: We did not even charge once and we even broke our TWIKE record from 2014 (>500km). Thanks to the 7 x 9.0 Ah batteries the TWIKE drives now >600 km. More info on our upcoming new website.



WebseiteSALES – New TWIKE website
Finally! Such a long time we have been waiting and now it is almost done. Our new website will be available for you still this month. Looking forward to your feedback!


70TECHNIQUE – Fat tires for TWIKE
Over the last few years we have tested a variety of wheel and tire combinations. So far, the TWIKE ran on specially optimized motorcycle tires. We are happy to announce that we can offer you finally a conversion kit to car tires to retrofit your TWIKE. Experience a better handling due to new wheels for the rear axle. Increased safety and comfort, longer lifetime and easier tire changing included! The new tire size of 135/70 R 15 is available for summer-, winter- and all-season tires.

Let’s TWIKE Easter!

Your TWIKE Team Rosenthal, Germany