Newsletter 09-2014: Looking back at TWIKE summer 2014

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Dear TWIKE pilots and friends of TWIKE,
the TWIKE summer season comes towards an end in most TWIKE countries. There is almost no better time of the year to enjoy the TWIKE to its full extent. E.g. TWIKE summer excursions with open convertible are at the top of the pilot popularity-scale. For us, this summer was all about the TWIKE 5 development. Find out more!

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Already over 100 TWIKE pilots & friends use the social network “Facebook” for an active exchange. Get a member of the group “TWIKE Pilots” and enjoy several possibilities to become active. E.g. create a picture folder for your own TWIKE, give an insight about your vacation trips, get easily in contact with TWIKE pilots and more. One current topic: Twiking Iceland’s Ring Road. Follow it here: Iceland tour

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A German autosport Magazine (auto motor und sport, No. 16, 24/07/2014) tested in July several electric vehicles. We don’t know what went wrong during the testing measurement of the Tesla Model S, but we can already imagine how the TWIKE 5 would have been performed compared to other test candidates.
It is not yet the time to reveal everything but get a small impression about some upcoming TWIKE 5 features: 1/3 of the weight of the Volkswagen E-Golf, more efficient than the Renault Twizy, as strong accelerating as the Tesla S on average and faster than the BMW i3.
Try to be as close as possible with your estimated values to the real ones and send them in to The best estimates takes part in the draw for a full briefing and test drive in the first TWIKE 5 test vehicle!

Traveling by TWIKE? Why not? Already in 1998, a group of TWIKE pilots discovered the North Cape. Meanwhile, TWIKE pilots drove e.g. to Iceland, Slovenia and until Mauritania. With the new range of the LION batteries hardly any “exotic” travel wishes stay unfulfilled because of limited range and allow also to drive long distances in everyday life at high speed. Since this month up to 63Ah battery capacity is available. The 600km mark is waiting to be cracked!


Let’s TWIKE a pleasant autumn 2014!

Your TWIKE team Rosenthal

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