Newsletter 11-2014: TWIKE ready for Europe!

HeartbeatDear TWIKE friends,
we finally did it! TWIKE Europe is calling. With great attention we follow the increasing demand for TWIKE in Europe due to the recently received EU approval. But that’s not all. Learn more today about the long-awaited XTRA Charger and the next TWIKE edition.


EventsThe TWIKE travel season is coming to an end for this year. Larger TWIKE tours have been made this summer to Slovenia, Iceland and Morocco. What kind of tours might expect us 2015? We will look forward to hear from you and your adventures.
The year’s e-mobility event eRUDA impressed not only with perfect weather conditions. About 10 TWIKE pilots of 165! e-vehicles took part again in the growing field of competitors. Please note that the registrations for eRUDA 2015 has already been started.


VertriebLet’s TWIKE Europe! New TWIKEs will be delivered with a COC (Certificate of Conformity) and can be therefore finally registered in all European countries. We are still interested to add some new qualified TWIKE TO FLY & TWIKE Service partner to our existing network in Germany and Switzerland.
Right now we are also focused on finding new partner in Austria and France. If you are interested we are very pleased to get in touch with you.
Watch out for the new TWIKE edition. More info at time on our website.


Zusatzlader klein neuCaught by the TWIKE travel bug? We recommend a battery size of at least 24Ah for your coming up tours. The max. range consists currently of > 500 km with the new 7 x 9.0 Ah batteries. An alternative might be the newly arrived XTRA Charger. Besides reducing charging time of almost 50% (charge 120km in less than one hour), it is also adjustable in 1A steps up to max.14A.
This additional feature can be suitable e.g. on camping areas with only moderately fused sockets. Also to mention: The XTRA Charger is cheaper than an additional battery.

Stay tuned about our next newsletter. The next generation of TWIKE wheels appears…
Your TWIKE Team Rosenthal, Germany



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