Apr 13

Newsletter 04-2015: TWIKE Easter Greetings

EnglischDear friends of TWIKE,
TWIKE team Rosenthal wishes you some enjoyable Happy Easter days. Our Easter bunny is pleased to deliver you our updates on current TWIKE news. On our upcoming new website you can not only get some more information about the new TWIKE range record…finally the TWIKE fat tires

600kmEVENT – New TWIKE range record
Already in 1995, we achieved to drive the distance from Rosenthal to Putbus (Rügen) by TWIKE. Indeed, we still had to charge our TWIKE still 14! times for the distance of 613 km. 20 years after, in March 2015, we repeated the same drive again. Result: We did not even charge once and we even broke our TWIKE record from 2014 (>500km). Thanks to the 7 x 9.0 Ah batteries the TWIKE drives now >600 km. More info on our upcoming new website.



WebseiteSALES – New TWIKE website
Finally! Such a long time we have been waiting and now it is almost done. Our new website will be available for you still this month. Looking forward to your feedback!


70TECHNIQUE – Fat tires for TWIKE
Over the last few years we have tested a variety of wheel and tire combinations. So far, the TWIKE ran on specially optimized motorcycle tires. We are happy to announce that we can offer you finally a conversion kit to car tires to retrofit your TWIKE. Experience a better handling due to new wheels for the rear axle. Increased safety and comfort, longer lifetime and easier tire changing included! The new tire size of 135/70 R 15 is available for summer-, winter- and all-season tires.

Let’s TWIKE Easter!

Your TWIKE Team Rosenthal, Germany

Nov 17

Newsletter 11-2014: TWIKE ready for Europe!

HeartbeatDear TWIKE friends,
we finally did it! TWIKE Europe is calling. With great attention we follow the increasing demand for TWIKE in Europe due to the recently received EU approval. But that’s not all. Learn more today about the long-awaited XTRA Charger and the next TWIKE edition.


EventsThe TWIKE travel season is coming to an end for this year. Larger TWIKE tours have been made this summer to Slovenia, Iceland and Morocco. What kind of tours might expect us 2015? We will look forward to hear from you and your adventures.
The year’s e-mobility event eRUDA impressed not only with perfect weather conditions. About 10 TWIKE pilots of 165! e-vehicles took part again in the growing field of competitors. Please note that the registrations for eRUDA 2015 has already been started.


VertriebLet’s TWIKE Europe! New TWIKEs will be delivered with a COC (Certificate of Conformity) and can be therefore finally registered in all European countries. We are still interested to add some new qualified TWIKE TO FLY & TWIKE Service partner to our existing network in Germany and Switzerland.
Right now we are also focused on finding new partner in Austria and France. If you are interested we are very pleased to get in touch with you.
Watch out for the new TWIKE edition. More info at time on our website.


Zusatzlader klein neuCaught by the TWIKE travel bug? We recommend a battery size of at least 24Ah for your coming up tours. The max. range consists currently of > 500 km with the new 7 x 9.0 Ah batteries. An alternative might be the newly arrived XTRA Charger. Besides reducing charging time of almost 50% (charge 120km in less than one hour), it is also adjustable in 1A steps up to max.14A.
This additional feature can be suitable e.g. on camping areas with only moderately fused sockets. Also to mention: The XTRA Charger is cheaper than an additional battery.

Stay tuned about our next newsletter. The next generation of TWIKE wheels appears…
Your TWIKE Team Rosenthal, Germany



Aug 31

Newsletter 09-2014: Looking back at TWIKE summer 2014

TWIKE 5 klein

Dear TWIKE pilots and friends of TWIKE,
the TWIKE summer season comes towards an end in most TWIKE countries. There is almost no better time of the year to enjoy the TWIKE to its full extent. E.g. TWIKE summer excursions with open convertible are at the top of the pilot popularity-scale. For us, this summer was all about the TWIKE 5 development. Find out more!

Bild IslandEvents
Already over 100 TWIKE pilots & friends use the social network “Facebook” for an active exchange. Get a member of the group “TWIKE Pilots” and enjoy several possibilities to become active. E.g. create a picture folder for your own TWIKE, give an insight about your vacation trips, get easily in contact with TWIKE pilots and more. One current topic: Twiking Iceland’s Ring Road. Follow it here: Iceland tour

auto motor und sportSales
A German autosport Magazine (auto motor und sport, No. 16, 24/07/2014) tested in July several electric vehicles. We don’t know what went wrong during the testing measurement of the Tesla Model S, but we can already imagine how the TWIKE 5 would have been performed compared to other test candidates.
It is not yet the time to reveal everything but get a small impression about some upcoming TWIKE 5 features: 1/3 of the weight of the Volkswagen E-Golf, more efficient than the Renault Twizy, as strong accelerating as the Tesla S on average and faster than the BMW i3.
Try to be as close as possible with your estimated values to the real ones and send them in to socialmedia@twike.com. The best estimates takes part in the draw for a full briefing and test drive in the first TWIKE 5 test vehicle!

Traveling by TWIKE? Why not? Already in 1998, a group of TWIKE pilots discovered the North Cape. Meanwhile, TWIKE pilots drove e.g. to Iceland, Slovenia and until Mauritania. With the new range of the LION batteries hardly any “exotic” travel wishes stay unfulfilled because of limited range and allow also to drive long distances in everyday life at high speed. Since this month up to 63Ah battery capacity is available. The 600km mark is waiting to be cracked!


Let’s TWIKE a pleasant autumn 2014!

Your TWIKE team Rosenthal

Mai 19

Newsletter May (engl.): Let’s TWIKE Friedrichshafen (GER) & Europe

kleinDear TWIKE pilots & friends,

it’s done! The month of May introduces not only the summer season but also the start of various e-rallies. Just in time for the upcoming warm season we are pleased to present you two new TWIKE TO FLY partner in Southern Germany. And last but not least: The doors are open for TWIKE Europe. Read more about it!

Unbelievable but true! 9 e-mobility events will take place still this month.
Convince yourself on our Facebook event list & Blog event list.
In addition, we like to invite you to the annual e-pilots meeting & TWIKE pilot camp at the “e-mobility-world” fair in Friedrichshafen from 23.5. – 25.5.2014.
Free admission, parking and charging is given. You have to travel long distances or want to stay more than one day? Welcome to the TWIKE Camp! More info at: info@twike.com

We warmly welcome our following new TWIKE TO FLY partners.
TWIKE TO FLY partner Benediktbeuren and the brand new TWIKE (TW 1041) are looking forward to meet you. Get familiar with TWIKE by trying it out during a pilot training course!
TWIKE TO FLY partner Lake Constance will celebrate his debut with the brand new TWIKE (TW 1037) at the “e-mobility-world” in Friedrichshafen. Welcome!

Our patience got rewarded! All required tests for the TWIKE EU homologation have been passed successfully. Beyond the known markets (Germany, Switzerland, Benelux), the TWIKE will now also be available throughout whole Europe.

This should please especially some French TWIKE Friends who weren’t allowed for years to register a TWIKE in France! We share the joy with you!
Enjoy these great news &
Let’s TWIKE!
Your TWIKE Team

Mai 10

Newletter April 2014 (eng.)

TWIKE events and more

Header Sprung bearbeitet klein

Dear TWIKE pilots and friends,
did you have a great start into 2014? TWIKE Year 2014 seems to get really excited, starting with all the upcoming rallies. Our TWIKE TO FLY program is advancing and who would still describe a TWIKE with an internal volume of 500 l as small? Read more!

Time to get ready! Besides well-known rallies (eRUDA, WAVE, Bertha Benz Challenge …) we are happy to announce you some more upcoming driving events. Please have a look at our event calendar.

TWIKE Team “Challenge the Traditions” takes part at the eTourEurope “9 Days 9 Capitals”. Several TWIKEs already signed up as well for the Lipsia-e-motion in Leipzig, Germany.
You aren’t yet a TWIKE pilot? Ask about possibilities of a pilot training in combination with event participation. You always wanted to test a TWIKE of the newest generation? At some of our exhibitions we offer test drives.

Not yet a TWIKE pilot? You are a TWIKE pilot but you always wanted to try a TWIKE of the latest generation? Get in!
After a two-hour pilot training you operate the TWIKE intuitively. Now you are ready to test it on your own whenever and wherever you like. We are pleased to present you already 6 TWIKE TO FLY partners and over 15 TWIKE service partners. TWIKE test rides and pilot training are available at all TWIKE TO FLY partners. Here you will find always the newest model in top condition. Have a look at our partner map.
You are already a TWIKE owner and interested in a TWIKE TO FLY partnership? The minimum requirement is a TWIKE newer version. But more important is your motivation to distribute the TWIKE virus. If you can identify yourself 100% with TWIKE, you like to explain as well as to get trained as a TWIKE pilot trainer: We look forward to your application at: info@twike.com

Transportplatte klein
Your 250l luggage storage is not sufficient enough? You don’t use your passenger seat very often? Then maybe you would like to get informed about the new TWIKE transport plate. For installation just remove the passenger seat and screw in the wooden transport plate.Transport plate options: Paint or carpet covering.
Did we catch your attention? Please drop us an email for more information: info@twike.com

Let’s accelerate sustainability together & let’s TWIKE!
Your TWIKE Team Rosenthal

Dez 15

Newsletter December 2013: TWIKE Winter Special

Dear TWIKE Pilots & Fans,
Christmas is almost knocking on our doors and we want to give you a small suggestion for small and large gifts along the way. In any case, we wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas.

TWIKE Pilot Card

Still looking for a chrismas gift?
Surprise somebody with a TWIKE Pilot Card, the perfect introduction to TWIKE: Complete a pilot training and learn the operation of the TWIKE in theory and practice. For deepening the driving experience you can also book some additional days. But be careful! TWIKE driving is addictive! Offers and further information: info@twike.com

Or may we warm you up?
By ordering a TWIKE* until the 15/01/2014 we will add you for free an increased electrical heater. Enjoy a clear windscreen in short time also in a cold winter season. Have we caught your interest? Please drop us a line at info@twike.com. * Applies to vehicles with a battery equipment of 4×5,6 Ah. Also valid for demonstration and exhibition vehicles.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all our Pilots and Fans.

Your TWIKE Team Rosenthal.